Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring is just around the corner!

Winter has been particularly mild here in Rochester, NY as you may be aware.  I got the itch to search for some steel and asked new fishing friend Jake if he wanted to as well. He agreed and we were off to Amherst to pick up new fishing friend Jason and we were off to the Catt. Some precipitation the night before worried all of us and checking the gauge didn't calm our fears of high flows and muddied water. 

Nevertheless, Jake drove on and we soon passed over a section of the river which looked glorious! The Catt was a brand new experience for me, so I'm glad Jake and Jason could spend the day and show me around. There was some beautiful looking water and we all got right to it swinging everything we had. Though the flow was up a bit at 680 CFS and the water was 46F, I believe the cold day and turbid water (30 FNU) scuttled our chances at landing some steel. None of us got so much as a sniff of a tug and after a hard few hours of casting in the wind and cold, we had to call it quits.

The day still ended up being a blessing though. I spent some quality time with some new fishing friends and got to practice casting for the trip of a lifetime in September, a 4 day float trip on the Lower Deschutes River!

Till next time, tight lines.

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